My New Love For Leggings

I Wore It My Favorite

I remember the day I delivered my son. We got on the subject of leggings and I confessed that I didn't own a pair. Everyone looked at me like I was the crazy woman just discovered in the woods.

Since then, I realize that I spend a significant about of time in my leggings. I have daytime leggings. Leggings that I wear at night. I have workout leggings. And, I even have some sexy leggings. It's as if my childhood attire followed me into adulthood. I am okay with that now.

The thing about wearing leggings is that I have seen too many party fouls. Too many panties and too many...dare I say...cracks!! Yikes, right?! We all have a story of tapping our bff and pointing at someone wearing see-through tights. I say tights because I refused to believe those we the leggings that everyone was going crazy over.

I personally will not wear leggings without a body shaper underneath. It keeps me confident. I know that none of my goodies are playing peek-a-boo. I love the silhouette that the shaper + leggings combo gives me. I suddenly become so smooth and comfortable at the same damn time. 

For some reason, I always have to do a few karate kicks when I put them on. Or, that could be my favorite combat boots that keep me kicking. I also suggest going a little outside of the box when you're shopping for leggings. I mean, c'mon, wearing only black leggings has gots to change. Let's step out of the basic role and step into our personal style. My favorite pair from DKB have to be "Front Page" and the cool news print pattern. (pictured) I get a ton of compliments on them. Plus, I feel like I always find a new story to read while waiting in the drive thru for my food.

As a heads up, I like to remind all readers that you can find these leggings in the boutique. I am 5' 8" and can weigh anywhere between 133 and 140. I ordered a medium in these leggings. I super duper like the high waist on these. Don't forget to pair it with your favorite body shaper for the perfect silhouette and full coverage.



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